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Sponsor a Chair

Chair sponsors are key supporters, creating a symbiosis between musicians and patrons that allows us to make the best music possible.

Sponsors may name the chair they support, and will be listed in our concert programs. Sponsors are also invited to attend special events throughout the year.  Sponsoring a musician allows you to deepen your relationships with the RCO, and ensure that our music continues for many years to come!


If you're still on the fence, this season we are are proud to announce a new sponsor/musician luncheon to kick off our season! This invite-only event will be a wonderful time to connect with your sponsored musician, and the whole RCO team. All musician sponsors will be invited to attend alongside their sponsored musician.

Click the "Become a Sponsor" button to email Emily Loftus with any questions regarding sponsorship, and to sponsor an artist. 

Our goal for the 23/24 season is to have a personal sponsor for each of our contracted musicians, and there are only a few chairs left! 


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