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Sound Investment 2024/2025
Celebrate our 50th season with the commissioning of a new work


RCO Sound Investment 

Tanner Porter, RCO Sound Investment Composer 


How does a composer know which notes to put on the page? How do they know which instruments should play at a certain time? If these are questions that have ever permeated your thoughts, then we have a unique opportunity for you! Beginning this fall you will be able to learn about music composition from composer Tanner Porter. Ms. Porter has been commissioned to compose a new work for the RCO’s 50th season that will be funded by you, our Reno Chamber Orchestra investors! 


As investors in this commission, you will be invited to three, exclusive hour-long salons where Ms. Porter will describe the tools and techniques she will use to compose the new work for the RCO. You will be able to ask questions during the salons and at the reception following each event. At the first salon Ms. Porter will share her inspiration and other ideas for how the work may begin to take shape. During the second salon Ms. Porter and musicians from the RCO will perform selections from the work still in progress. You will learn how the composition of the piece has progressed since the first salon. At the third and final salon you will receive a draft of the score and learn how the piece has taken its final shape. You will be the first to hear the orchestra reading the new work! 


Following the premiere and after any adjustments have been made to the score, investors will receive their very own full-size score with investor names printed on the inside cover and signed by Ms. Porter.  


Your one-time investment accesses

Entry to three exclusive composer-led salons 

       W A reception with the composer following each salon 

       W Access to the first reading of the composition and a draft score  

       W Autographed final score with printed list of investors and levels 

       W Blue Chip Investors only: post-concert VIP dinner with composer and conductor 


Investment Levels

       W Blue Chip*: $1,000 

       W Mid Cap: $500 

       W Small Cap: $250 

       W Student: $25 

If you'd like to become a Sound Investor please reach out to

Amy Heald or Emily Loftus

at the RCO offices

Monday - Friday

10 am to 3pm



 *Limited positions remaining please inquire as to availability

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