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Current Chair Sponsors

Email Director of Marketing & Development Emily Loftus at if you'd like to inquire about sponsoring a chair.


Kelly Kuo 

Ruth Lenz

Margeaux Maloney

Artist to be Named

Caryn Neidhold

Olga Archdekin

Ellen Flanagan

Ivanka Dill

David Haskins

Dustin Budish

Artist to be Named

Peter Lenz

Karen Stout-Gardner

Barbara McMeen

Scott Faulkner

Lani Oelerich

Nancy Hoffman

Artist to be Named

Maryann Lazzari

Noah Breneman

Jesse Barrett

Karl Busch

Artist to be Named

Dylan Neff

Artist to be Named

John Lenz

Peter Adlish

Paul Lenz

Artist to be Named

Dominic Grande

Jim Winn


Music Director


Assistant Concertmaster

Principal 2nd Violin

Asst Principal 2nd





Principal Viola


Principal Cello



Principal Bass



Principal Flute

Flute II

Principal Oboe


Principal Clarinet

Clarinet II

Principal Bassoon

Bassoon II

Principal Horn

Horn II

Principal Trumpet

Trumpet II

Principal Timpani

Principal Keyboard


Elizabeth & Gilbert Lenz Podium

A friend of Ruth Lenz & the RCO

Walter L. Dillard Memorial Chair

Mary & John Tozzi Chair

Sponsored by Judith Simpson

Norm & Jan Ziomek Chair

In Memory of Kristell Moller

Available to Sponsor

Sponsored by Robert Seale

Marsha Cohen Memorial Chair

Available to Sponsor

A friend of Peter Lenz

Remembering Jim Tenney

Remembering Jim Tenney

Gail & Jack McAllister Chair

Trudy Larson & Ron Luschar Chair

Dave Hornbeck Chair

Available to Sponsor

Available to Sponsor

Dale Roberts Memorial Chair

Lise Lenz Drake Memorial Chair

Marshall & Patricia Postman Chair

Available to Sponsor

Jimmie's Chair

Available to Sponsor

Remembering Jim Whipp

Remembering Marilyn Hadley

Gaia Brown & Lloyd Rogers Chair

The Edie & Pete Cartwright Chair

Available to Sponsor

Remembering Vahe Khochayan

Last updated 08-07-23

Please notify Emily Loftus of any mistakes or omissions

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