As you may know, there is some exciting construction work happening on the new University Arts Building near the Church Fine Arts Complex at the University of Nevada, Reno. This will, however, have an impact on parking for our concerts at Nightingale Concert Hall this coming year. If you are in need of disabled parking, the RCO is reserving the small parking lot on the north end of Church Fine Arts just for disabled parking (see photo). There will be additional disabled parking on Level 1, the bottom level, of the Brian Whalen Parking Complex next to Church Fine Arts. We encourage you to use these spots if you need them. You can also drop off passengers in the North Virginia street drop off zone just outside Church Fine Arts.

The same construction is resulting in heating issues inside Church Fine Arts

There are also UNR football games happening at about the same time as the Saturday, October 7 and Saturday, November 11 RCO performances. So you may want to allow yourself a few extra minutes to get to the concert.

We apologize for these unavoidable issues.